iMovie: Tutorial for using Full Picture

Eyeshine   June 5, 2015 in ASL

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This video is for American Sign Language Users to learn how to use full size picture in iMovie. Thanks for watching! If you need tutorial let me know by leaving a message below. ;)

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    Title:   tag you for tutorial
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    Title:   iMovie gallery
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    Title:   Just for fun to tag u!
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    Title:   thanks again

  5. Title:   click bottom right
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  7. ReplyTo:   kathyfans
    Title:   Program is iMovie!
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    Title:   inbox still not fix done
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    Title:   great job on both vlogs
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    Title:   reflector
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    Title:   tripod for ipad transit
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    Title:   thanks for sharing!
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    Title:   tripod and reflector
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    Title:   tripod for ipad
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    Title:   instruct me webpage/yt
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    Title:   based on 2nd Q
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