Sabbath, Saturday, Saturn, Satan?

ChetBrock   July 7, 2021 in ASL

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Reading Article Link The Truth about how satyrday become the Seventh-day Sabbath? Indeed, Israel worshiped on Satyrday. But you have borne the tabernacle of your moloch [king] and Chiun your images, the star of your G-d which you made for yourselves. Amos 5:26 Chiun is the Hebrew word for Saturn. Here Amos sees a day where Israel worships a star-god that they would make for themselves. Israel would have been in apostasy then. Stephen, in Acts 7:43 quotes Amos and is translated as Remphan, which is Greek for Saturn. Satyrday is ONLY a day found on the pagan seven day planetary week. Satyrday was the first day (not the seventh) of this pagan calendar week from at LEAST 800 B.C. and perhaps further back. The Father’s calendar is found in the sun and moon (the two great lights), not in the planets. Why am I spelling it satyrday instead of saturn’s day? Because Saturn and the Satyr are both linked to the same false system of worship.

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