The problem is cherry-picker verses.

PARADISEDOVE   June 17, 2021 in ASL

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For Servants, Believers, Followers in Mashiyach’s Name. Should I say? or Shouldn’t I say? Wow! The weather is hot and humidity I just came home. Aramaic Peshitta means straight simple. Problem is knowledgeable cherry-picker verses throwing attack people including me, you. Misreading, Misinterpreting and Misunderstanding. I am ex self-righteous and surprised some don’t have spiritual understanding on scripture verses. also not practicing Mashiyach (Messiah) alike. Mashiyach means Anointed One. Matthew 6 and Luke 16 have norm (group) of almsgivings, prayers, fastings, etc on full context. Yeshua and His Role Model Example. Graduated school, or trade school, or college/universities. English teacher have rules of English grammar same as science teachs rules. I have few friends very humble knowledgeable on English/Science/physics/chemistry rules about norm (group/groups of/element/law of …..). Matthew 6:24 ties Luke 16:13. Dishonest wealths. . Question myself is DVTV wealth? No! This talks about dishonest wealths what Pharisees did practiced on both chapters. Pharisees attitudes attack people including me, you. Sadly seeing not practicing Mashiyach (Messiah) alike. Big head self-righteous attituder thinks smarter with knowledgeable scripture verses still is ignorant (stupid). What for cherry-picking verses throwing us all? Don’t throw us all. Check with reflection mirror yourself before cherry-picking more scripture verses. The answer is Luke 16:9. Mammon of iniquity (unrighteousness) focus Pharisees practicing knowledgeable self-righteous attitudes nowadays from that time Yeshua was with sect of self-righteous Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes don’t follow YHWH and His Divine Torah. Sadly seeing not practicing Mashiyach alike servant. May YHWH bless you. Shalom

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