April 7 - Virginia COVID-19 briefing

ruralvalady   April 7, 2020 in ASL

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Yesterday live video, Virginia COVID-19 Briefing | April 6, 2020 Timeframe: 21:33 link: Link 30K inmates release for July 2021; Virginia COVID-19 case confirmed: 3,333; Patient Hospitalized: 563; and Death: 63. Total 19 inmates and 9 prison staff have COVID-19 tested positive in Virginia. 23K inmates for parole/probation due COVID-19 still work on; 35 health department districts in Virginia cooperate working transparency everyday reports. Found our own state military supplier distribution take cares of medical-related(PPE, masks, ventilators) to order, distribute, and deliver spread-out Virginia statewide. We also separate our own smaller private genetic testing labs for COVID-19 testing result faster 5-15 minutes more easier while commerical testing labs focus on different kinds testing results. Each hospitals can speed-up sending to generic testing labs instead of commercial testing labs---for faster result within 10-15 minutes. Those past last week, two weeks ago COVID-19 testing that result 5-7 days---still backlog delaying that will send to smaller genetic testing labs to take care.

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