This is a Vlog Response to "Learn from this which benefits!" by Joan


Joan   March 28, 2020 in ASL

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Congintigtom, Indoctrinated, Homo=Gay, Phobic=afraid, Hobo=homeless, Phopia=fear, Monitor device on pole, GFCI Power, Receptacle, Patroniza, Very condense, SEO=Searching Engine Optimization, State Police (State) Statute of Limition Retratine, Conscious, Asylum, Impeachment, PM=Prime Minister, Hotlink Detection, Exaggerating, Intention, Diabolical and Use context, Deadbeat, Endocrinologist, Rhetoric, Dismissive, Assumption, Whistleblower Protection Act, Gaslight, Marionette Manipulator, Elite, Tinnitus, Caucus, Conspiracy Theory, Meddling, Suppression and Gerrymandering, Electoral College, Celsius/Fahrenheit, Asperger's Syndromes and Sympton, Lack of Compassionate or Respect, Nationalism, Sharia Law, Dignity, Bias, Libel & Slander, Redundant, Lilliterate, Democracy, Democrat, Democratic, Republic, You pay the price, Suffer the pain the conqunis, Gun, Saftey course, Practice shooting and Register License, National Rifle Assoication, Certificate, Dollar/Coin; A=Boston, B=NY, C=Philadelphia, GMO=Genetically Modified Foods, Socialism, Capitalism, Socialist, Boundary

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