CB! You crying?

edoedo   February 18, 2020 in ASL

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Hold I will make a video later lol

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    Title:   You control
  3. ReplyTo:   fieldstreamasl, edoedo
    Title:   Next Time Do better ASL   Link 1   Link 2
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    Title:   Of course made mistakes
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    Title:   KJV Says Destroy Devil!
  10. ReplyTo:   edoedo, ChetBrock, Deaf-Tyndale, SDD71
    Title:   Agreed 100% with u :)
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    Title:   CB: u just shot yourselv
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    Title:   D360 Shots Himself.....
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    Title:   you not undy Bible
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    Title:   I Totally AGREED!
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    Title:   “Eye For Eye”
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