Impeachment Forum at Gallaudet

taylerade   February 11, 2020 in ASL

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Wednesday February 12 12:00 - 1:30 PM at HMB Atrium Gallaudet University

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  1. ReplyTo:   ASLMav, ASLisGreat, Silent Rider, Deafwomynpride, ASLfreedom 2
    Title:   Spread the word
  2. ReplyTo:   taylerade
  3. ReplyTo:   EricFast
    Title:   Other time
  4. ReplyTo:   taylerade
    Title:   Waste your time.
  5. ReplyTo:   saif
    Title:   I will have fun
  6. ReplyTo:   taylerade
    Title:   U go? I think it’s on...
  7. ReplyTo:   taylerade, Deafwomynpride
    Title:   Tag her if able to
  8. ReplyTo:   signhand
    Title:   Come!!
  9. ReplyTo:   ravens1
    Title:   Come!
  10. ReplyTo:   taylerade
  11. ReplyTo:   signhand, Deafwomynpride
  12. ReplyTo:   taylerade
    Title:   Wish we go
  13. ReplyTo:   taylerade
    Title:   I am sick. :(
  14. ReplyTo:   taylerade
    Title:   Keep that in your mind
  15. ReplyTo:   saif
    Title:   Get well soon
  16. ReplyTo:   SilverFace
    Title:   No live stream :(
  17. ReplyTo:   ASLisGreat
    Title:   Darn
  18. ReplyTo:   EricFast
    Title:   Don't need to ask IF
  19. ReplyTo:   taylerade
  20. ReplyTo:   taylerade
    Title:   yeah darn

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