I am loyal to my pets

PARADISEDOVE   April 11, 2019 in ASL

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About vet I sign permission to my fur babies for blood transfusions also I am loyal to elderly poor widows children and whole animals. I believe mammals like dolphins whales dogs humans....

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    Title:   Yes I agree you
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    Title:   Siberian Husky
  4. ReplyTo:   PARADISEDOVE
    Title:   not sure i ask you ok
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    Title:   Sure try my best ASL
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    Title:   oh got it
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    Title:   4 things on table chaos
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    Title:   Glad you got it
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    Title:   Oh yeah that's remind
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    Title:   I love horse documentary
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    Title:   got it new info.
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    Title:   Bingo!
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    Title:   Bingo!
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    Title:   Do not let bugs bite you
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    Title:   oh thank haha
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