DeafSnake   November 7, 2018 in ASL

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I'm backkkkkkk! Oh Yesssss! I'm back! To you fake Christians.. Sorry you lost the House of Representatives... It's our time! Yes, I've been watching a ...Read More

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  1. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
  2. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
    Title:   P220: I told you so.
  3. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
    Title:   Welcome back
  4. ReplyTo:   HorrorX
    Title:   We will impeach :)
  5. ReplyTo:   Chewbacca
    Title:   we had fun in pvt grp
  6. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
  7. ReplyTo:   GBX
    Title:   thanks so much
  8. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
  9. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
    Title:   for the other site
  10. ReplyTo:   JOEYWOOD
    Title:   don't worry :)
  11. ReplyTo:   BigBen
    Title:   Tsk tsk shame on you
  12. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
  13. ReplyTo:   deafanthology
    Title:   yep i cant help ya
  14. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
  15. ReplyTo:   ASLfreedom 2
    Title:   Thank you!
  16. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake
  17. ReplyTo:   EliteRobX
    Title:   thanks!
  18. ReplyTo:   DeafSnake

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