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Johnscifi47   November 8, 2017 in Ghost Caught On Camera

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Taken shot via YouTube

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  1. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
    Title:   it's shadow people
  2. ReplyTo:   CHsASLDeafNews
    Title:   Dark Shadow demonic????
  3. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
      Link 1
  4. ReplyTo:   CHsASLDeafNews
    Title:   Djinn dvd movie
  5. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47, CHsASLDeafNews
    Title:   ghost hurt me twice
  6. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Look out yourself
  7. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Ghost need electrically
  8. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Ghost and electricity
  9. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Forget login to get star
  10. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
    Title:   tsk tsk
  11. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Oh you say well...
  12. ReplyTo:   CHsASLDeafNews
    Title:   remove my last comment
  13. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
    Title:   U still don't undy me
  14. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
    Title:   ghost in H.S. Girls Dorm
  15. ReplyTo:   CHsASLDeafNews
    Title:   remove my # 12 comment
  16. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Ghost at girl's dorm
  17. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
    Title:   Now old school sold
  18. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
  19. ReplyTo:   Rayline
    Title:   Facebook
  20. ReplyTo:   Johnscifi47
    Title:   ouija am I interested?

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