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PARADISEDOVE   December 14, 2015 in ART: Painting

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Beginners and Advancers: Do not give up! We all need each other. Learn to enjoy fellowship. Please share and show your arts/crafts. Share my arts: I discovered "hidden talent" art on Feb 7, 2006. Watercolor, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and pencils

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  2. Title:   YHWH God reveal spiritua
  3. ReplyTo:   signhand
    Title:   Yes u are right 😀

  4. Title:   Congrats! Fun to learn

  5. Title:   BBB peak more than FB ha
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    Title:   Nice to meet you!!!!!
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    Title:   YAY! Thank you!!!!!
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    Title:   Star! Thank you

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