I met Vloggers, Billy & Saif

Raymond   August 23, 2011 in ASL

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I flew to Colorado for guest speaker at East Boulder Baptist Church. They came visit to see me at the Church. I am glad to see them in person. God ble ...Read More

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  1. ReplyTo:   Raymond
    Title:   2 people saved! PTL
  2. ReplyTo:   saif
    Title:   Glad see you at EBBC
  3. ReplyTo:   Raymond
    Title:   Enjoy watchng your news!
  4. ReplyTo:   Vangogh77
    Title:   Thanks!

  5. Title:   Ha ha
  6. ReplyTo:   saif, Raymond
    Title:   Cool!
  7. ReplyTo:   Raymond

  8. Title:   Amen
  9. ReplyTo:   maz354
    Title:   Hi!
  10. ReplyTo:   JariFinn
    Title:   Hi!
  11. ReplyTo:   Raymond
    Title:   Hi Raymond
  12. ReplyTo:   billy
    Title:   It was good to seeing u
  13. ReplyTo:   Raymond
    Title:   Just test!!!
  14. ReplyTo:   DeafMark7
    Title:   Thanks!

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