• How do I get my YouTube videos on DeafVIDEO.TV?
  • Upload a video with sign language then register it here.

    Make sure you have a video that has:
    1) Sign language
    2) Your face

    This is so DeafVIDEO.TV can check your account. We accept YouTube accounts from people who use sign language in their videos. Also be sure we can identify your face. Masks are allowed in YouTube videos, but there needs to be at least one video showing your face.

    Once your account is approved, you don’t need to add your account again for each video. Just upload your video to YouTube. It will be automatically transferred to DeafVIDEO.TV. This may take up to an hour - after the video is "live" on YouTube. If you want to transfer it instantly, click the "Grab Videos" button on this page.

    Be sure that your video is set to "embeddable" and "public". This allows DeafVIDEO.TV to play your YouTube videos.
  • What do I need to play videos on DeafVIDEO.TV?
  • Adobe Flash Player plugin. Get it here.
  • How do I change my DeafVIDEO.TV screenname?
  • Screennames can be changed only a few times to minimize abuse. E-mail your request here.
  • Does my DeafVIDEO.TV screenname and YouTube screenname have to be the same?
  • No.
  • The "Grab Videos" button doesn't work?
  • To provide the convenience of instantly publishing your videos, the following are required:
    - Your YouTube video(s) must be "live" or "public"
    - Your channel must be visible and public
    - Any videos cannot be moved to the top by using YouTube's "Arrange Uploads" feature.

    Note: If your "Grab Videos" button does not work, your YouTube videos may still be pulled into DeafVIDEO.TV automatically.
  • My video comment was removed. How did that happen?
  • Video comments may be removed in one of three ways:
    - The vlogger reserves the right to remove any video comments under their vlogs
    - A number of users may have flagged your video comment; if a threshold is reached, the flagged comment is removed.
    - Your video comment may have been removed by the DeafVIDEO.TV administrator for a R-List violation
  • Can hearing people join DeafVIDEO.TV?
  • Yes, anyone who knows sign language is welcome!
  • I lost my password. How do I reset it?
  • Reset your password here.
  • What is the difference between "views" and "visits"?
  • A view is counted each time an user has visited a vlog. A visit is counted each time an user has visited a vlog every 30 minutes. As an example, if an user visits a vlog three (3) times in 30 minutes, it counts as only one visit.

    Additionally, both views and visits are updated for most videos every 24 hours for improved accuracy. This data is provided by Google Analytics.
  • How come my YouTube account is showing as "inactive" and how do I re-activate it?
  • DeafVIDEO.TV automatically checks a large number of YouTube accounts hourly for new videos. To conserve resources, YouTube accounts in DeafVIDEO.TV are automatically turned off if no videos are uploaded to the YouTube account in more than 6 months. If your YouTube account is "inactive", simply click the button "Re-activate" next to your YouTube screenname on this page.
  • I would like to leave video comments. What is required?
  • All that is required is a DeafVIDEO.TV account, Adobe Flash Player and a webcam. Your computer probably already has the Flash Player plugin installed. You may need to change your Flash settings so that your webcam is recognized.
  • I can't find the R-List. Where is it?
  • Each vlogger and video commenter is responsible to read and follow the R-List. Please be sure to read it.
  • How do I prevent a YouTube video from appearing on DeafVIDEO.TV?
  • Make it "private" or "unlisted". You can invite YouTube friends to view the video privately. If a public video shown on DeafVIDEO.TV is changed to private, the video is then unplayable on DeafVIDEO.TV and is removed.

    "Unlisted" videos are not visible on your channel, but anyone can view your video if they have the video link.

    Some people want to have public videos that aren’t shown on DeafVIDEO.TV. Create two YouTube accounts, one for DeafVIDEO.TV and another not registered with DeafVIDEO.TV.
  • How do I remove a video from DeafVIDEO.TV?
  • NEW: After deleting your video from YouTube, log in and head to your vlogger page, e.g. For each video, there is a "X" in the upper right corner. Click the "X". See video

    DeafVIDEO.TV checks the 80 most recent videos on the site hourly, and the DeafVIDEO.TV administator is notified of videos that have been deleted from YouTube. The administrator then manually double checks to see if it is removed from YouTube before deleting it from DeafVIDEO.TV.
  • How do I edit the title of a video on DeafVIDEO.TV?
  • First, be sure to be logged in. Next, head to your vlogger page, e.g. Click on any of your video titles. After editing a title, press "Enter" to save it. See video
  • Are masks allowed?
  • Masks, images or text are not allowed in video comments. If you wish to make an "artistic" video, upload it to your YouTube!
  • Someone is bothering me. What can I do?
  • Like YouTube and many other sites, DeafVIDEO.TV offers the ability to block users. It's easy to add an user to your Block List. Click here to see your Block List.
  • What is the difference between the Block List and Hide List?
  • Blocked users are not able to leave video comments under your vlogs. An advantage of using the Hide List is that the "hidden" user will not know you've placed the user on your Hide List. See this video for more information.
Updated: Sep 22, 2011