PS4 recall issue ?

TheObe   November 22, 2013 in ASL

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  1. ReplyTo:   TheObe
  2. ReplyTo:   TheObe
    Title:   disc issues!
  3. ReplyTo:   TheObe
  4. ReplyTo:   Hopkin63
    Title:   Ps4 have good reason
  5. ReplyTo:   coolcrazyguy09
    Title:   Ps4 50/50
  6. ReplyTo:   TheObe
    Title:   different education!
  7. ReplyTo:   Hopkin63
    Title:   I do undy but asl fail
  8. ReplyTo:   TheObe
    Title:   not asl fail!
  9. ReplyTo:   TheObe
    Title:   Dondon1975
  10. ReplyTo:   coolcrazyguy09
    Title:   TV & PS4 issues
  11. ReplyTo:   Hopkin63
    Title:   Technology
  12. ReplyTo:   Deb
    Title:   tv
  13. ReplyTo:   Deb
    Title:   yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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